Perth and Kinross Stories of Place

Stories of Places is our tool to help us learn more about communities across Perth and Kinross. Each profile brings together statistical and community information to help us understand what it is like to live in the city, towns and villages that make up Perth and Kinross. By building a complete picture of each community we will be able to map out key community assets as well as identify key outcomes we will work to improve.Our website has been developed by the Community Planning Partnership in Perth and Kinross. We will continue to develop our content to regularly refresh content to reflect local changes.

Our five localities are:

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What is a Story of Place?

A Story of Place is the combination of hard data, local intelligence and wider community knowledge that will serve to provide a more complete picture of a locality.

In bringing these concepts together within one framework, a Story of Place will help to identify where and how outcomes can be improved. It will give the Locality Community Planning Partnerships evidence that’s needed to publish their Locality Plan.

What is the Community Planning Partnership?

Community Planning brings together the main public services providers in Perth & Kinross as well as Third Sector and Community representation to work together to develop and deliver a shared vision on improving life outcomes in Perth & Kinross.

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