Almond and Earn: Community Safety


The recorded crime rate in the locality is lower than in Perth and Kinross at 72 crimes per 10,000 population.

Almond and Earn Ward Plan

The most recent community consultations conducted by Police Scotland suggest that for residents of Almond and Earn the greatest concerns were around anti-social behaviour, housebreaking, and speeding/dangerous driving.

Concerns around anti-social behaviour were closely linked to residents’ worries about young people’s access to alcohol and illegal drugs, and the impact that this had on the community. In response, Police Scotland have begun to share information about repeat offenders with partners at Perth and Kinross Council, working together to identify long-term solutions. Police Scotland are also increasing the number of visits to licensed premises.

Worries about crimes of dishonesty such as housebreaking were also related to other crimes unique to rural living, such as theft of farming vehicles and fuel theft. Police Scotland have stepped up their visible patrols in affected areas, and are engaging more closely with forensic services to improve detection rates. They are also cracking down on “bogus” workers looking to defraud rural households by stopping commercial vehicles more frequently to engage with drivers.

In response to concerns about driving offences, numerous speed check operations have been, and continue to be, carried out in the area. A series of education and enforcement events around schools is also underway in an attempt to reduce inconsiderate parking.

Perth & Kinross Community Watch 

Perth & Kinross Community Watch is part of the Neighbourhood Watch Scotland network and operate specifically to support local residents, businesses and farms from Monday to Friday, during office hours. One of the main aims of the scheme is to improve communications between the local community, police and other Community Safety Partnership agencies working in the area. Sharing information and advice can help to prevent crimes, making the gathering of information simpler and helping to link together a community spread across a wide geographic area.