Welcome to the 2017-2027 Community Plan / Local Outcomes Improvement Plan for Perth and Kinross. This is our Plan for positive outcomes for everyone in the area and in particular to tackle stubborn and persistent inequalities which can reduce life chances and opportunities for people. We can only achieve our collective vision by working alongside local people and communities. The Plan is about improving the lives and experiences of everyone who lives, works and visits here. Its development and delivery is overseen by the Community Planning Partnership comprising public, private and 3rd Sector bodies. The Community Plan sets out how we will work together with our communities to plan and deliver better services.

We have an overarching vision…

To create a confident, ambitious and fairer Perth and Kinross, for all who live and work here.

To help us achieve that vision we have divided the plan into five strategic objectives. Although the strategic objectives are single strands of our vision there are many connections and overlaps between them. It is only by making these connections and combining our efforts that we will achieve our vision.



Watch our Short Video on our Plan.

Our Partners are: