Community Empowerment

Community Empowerment is about building strong resilient communities who feel empowered to make positive changes for their communities.

Shared Leadership and Accountability

Shared leadership and joint ownership of outcomes is key to improving services for people in Perth and Kinross.

Focus on Prevention

Prevention is about supporting people early before things get more difficult for them. When services focus on prevention, they support better outcomes for people, as well as making more sustainable use of public resources.

Understanding Communities

Understanding communities is key to improving services. Community Planning Partner services regularly engage with communities in a range of ways, to inform service planning and delivery. Stories of Place is our key tool to capture knowledge about our communities.

Performance and Improvement

Monitoring our performance effectively means we will know whether we are improving people’s lives and delivering our Plan.

Tackling Inequalities

Whilst Perth and Kinross is considered a relatively affluent area, many individuals and families across both our urban and rural communities are affected by inequalities in relation to income, health and employment opportunities.

Developing Staff

Staff development is key to greater community empowerment. We need to facilitate a culture shift in the relationship people have with services, and we will support staff to develop a culture of participation and empowerment in all public service roles (e.g using the National Standards for Community Engagement)

We will make it easier for staff and public to plan and work together (e.g using the Place Standard).

We will set out a programme of joint organisational development across Community Planning Partners, using action learning to tackle issues together.

Effective Use of Resources

Community Planning Partner services control a vast resource, in terms of finances, staff and other assets such as buildings. In working towards the same strategic objectives, partners need a clear understanding of how their resources are aligned to achieve the outcomes they want to see in Perth and Kinross.

We have an opportunity to use our collective resources in more effective and efficient ways to improve outcomes and reduce inequalities.

We will learn from our local experiences of aligning and sharing resources across Health and Social Care, and explore other opportunities to pool resources to deliver more effective and efficient services.

Promoting Equality

We will work to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations between communities through the delivery of our services.

We will support staff at all levels to develop an inclusive understanding of equalities that celebrates and promotes diversity.

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