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Budgets in Scotland

Most of the budgets for local public services proposed by the Scottish Government and have to be approved by the Scottish Parliament. Perth & Kinross Council sets Council tax which represents 20% of its budget (2016/17) 56% of income comes from a block grant from the Scottish Government.

Budget Decisions

Although the budgets are set nationally much of the budget is decided by local representatives.

Perth & Kinross Council’s is





Useful Links

Improvement Service- Local Government Spending data

Perth & Kinross Council- Budget Tool

Welcome to the Perth & Kinross Community Plan



Our vision
About our plan
Understanding our communities
How we work together
Shared principles and values

Local Action Partnerships

We have 5 Partnerships working with communities locally across Perth and Kinross

Highland and Strathtay
Eastern Perthshire
Perth City
Strathearn and Strathallan
Kinross-shire, Almond and Earn

Delivery Groups

The Community Plan is delivered through our 5 delivery groups

Children, Young People & Families Partnership
Economy and Lifelong Learning Group
Health & Social Care Partnership
Community Safety Partnership
Environment Partnership

Our Partners