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Perth and Kinross has five Local Action Partnerships, each representing one of the area’s localities. Each Action Partnership is made up of representatives from public services, the local community, and councillors from the area. Their purpose is to tackle local inequalities by setting priorities to work for and with the community. 

Why do we need Local Action Plans?

Perth and Kinross is home to over 150,000 people. To enable us to work better with and within our communities we need to work more locally. We have created 5 Action Partnerships which will help us work closer with communities so we are able to work together to find local solutions to local challenges.

The main focus of our  Local Action Plans is tackling inequalities where these persist locally, and setting out how these can be addressed within their local area. The Local Action Plan are short and action-focused. Each Plan sets out a small number of key priorities and identifies the actions that to be taken to address them.

Many of the actions are focused on improving outcomes for either a small areas or communities of interest (e.g. young people, people with disabilities, people form ethnic groups).

Under the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 we are required to put in place Locality Plans for places where people experience inequalities. Perth and Kinross decided to develop five Locality Action Plans to cover the whole of Perth and Kinross so everyone has the opportunity to get involved in shaping their local services.

How have they been informed?

Each Action Partnership have made the most of available information to inform their Local Action Plan. Using their locality's Stories of Place and other information Action Partnerships have worked with their communities to develop their Local Action Plan.

For more information

Scottish Government- Community Planning Guidance and Regulation

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Stories of Place - pk-storyboard

Our Action Partnerships

Highland and Strathtay
Eastern Perthshire
Perth City
Strathearn and Strathallan
Kinross-shire, Almond and Earn

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