Strathearn and Strathallan

Welcome to Strathearn and Strathallan. Our locality covers the Strathearn and Strathallan council wards. Our main towns and villages include: Auchterarder, Braco and Greenloaning, Blackford, Crieff, Comrie, Dunning, Muthill, St Fillians, Gilmerton, and other smaller communities. We have developed a Story of Place for Strathearn and Strathallan which brings together a wealth of local information. You can get involved in shaping and contributing to Strathearn and Strathallan’s Story of place via the Comment Section on the site.

Strathearn and Strathallan Action Partnership

The Strathearn and Strathallan Action Partnerships is an exciting opportunity for local people to get involved in making things better in their communities. Strathearn and Strathallan is one of five Action Partnerships which between them cover the whole area of Perth and Kinross. The Strathearn and Strathallan Action Partnership is made up equally of community members, local Councillors and services (Police, Fire, NHS and Council). The Partnership works together to identify local priorities and plans to tackle inequalities, and improve the local area.

Locality Action Plan

Action planning at a local level is a tried and tested way to tackle issues faced by communities. Local people know the issues their communities face and often know the best solutions too. The Local Action Plans were produced by Local Action Partnerships to address inequality issues drawing on  evidence from the Strathearn and Strathallan Story of Place, which contains a wealth of statistical information; information about community assets and other consultations with the community; as well as the local knowledge brought by members of the Action Partnership.



Key Facts

 Strathearn and StrathallanPerth and KinrossScotland
Population (2015)21,867149,9305,373,000
Percentage of people aged 0-1516%16%17%
Percentage of people aged 16-6458%61%65%
Percentage of people aged 65 and over25%22%18%
Percentage of people rating their health and good or very good85%85%82%
Percentage of working age population experiencing income deprivation12%14%19%

Useful information

Strathearn and Strathallan-  Story of Place

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Perth and Kinross – Locality Action Plans

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