Perth & Kinross Social Enterprise Network

A Social Enterprise is a business which exists to deliver a specific social or environmental mission. There are over 165 Social Enterprises registered in Perth and Kinross. They offer many different services and products, and provide opportunities for social and environmental development.

Perth & Kinross Social Enterprise Network (PKSEN) was established in June 2015. Any Social Enterprise in Perth and Kinross can join this network. There are 17 social enterprises in the PKSEN, from a range of sectors and areas in the region. Among other things, it provides a forum for:

  • Peer support
  • Sharing information and ideas
  • Resolving issues together
  • Joint approaches to policy makers, funders and others

There are 18 Local Social Enterprise Networks in Scotland, however Perth and Kinross is the first to have a direct link to their local Community Planning Partnership. A member of the Perth and Kinross Social Enterprise Network comes to the Economy and Lifelong Learning Partnership meetings to represent social enterprises in the region. This is just one of the ways that members are given a voice to challenge and lobby on behalf of the sector.

PKSEN is supported by PKAVS Third Sector and Volunteering Hub, which is also the Third Sector Interface for Perth and Kinross.

More Information

Perth and Kinross CPP- Economy & Lifelong Learning Outcome Delivery Group papers

PKAVS- Perth and Kinross Social Enterprise Directory

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