Third Sector Health & Social Care Strategic Forum

The Third Sector Health & Social Care Strategic Forum was set up in June 2014. It has nearly 100 individual members who are staff or volunteers from third sector organisations in Perth and Kinross. The Forum is supported by PKAVS Third Sector and Volunteering Hub, which fulfils the function of the Third Sector Interface in Perth and Kinross.

The Forum’s role is to:

  • develop the Third Sector’s role as a professional partner in Health & Social Care Integration.
  • support effective third sector engagement, involvement and partnership working at a strategic level.
  • send representatives to key meetings for the Health and Social Care Partnership.
  • provide a space for members to share information and learn from one another.

Membership is open to any third sector organisation working on health and wellbeing in Perth and Kinross. Members meet monthly to consider key business.

More Information

Supported by PKAVS- More information and meeting minutes

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