Our Vision

Our vision for the next decade is simple, and has been developed in dialogue with people who live in Perth and Kinross:

Creating a confident, ambitious and fairer Perth and Kinross, for all who live and work here.

 We have five strategic objectives to deliver our vision:

We have already made significant progress in delivering these objectives since they were set out in our previous Community Plan 2013-23.

A Changing World

We have seen significant changes both nationally and globally since our last Community Plan in 2013. Economic uncertainty means public finances continue to be tight and long term financial trends are hard to predict. Technology is radically changing society with automation and artificial intelligence developing at speed. Demographic change is significant, as people live longer, and mass migration continues worldwide. These issues are particularly relevant in Perth and Kinross.

Achieving Our Vision

This Community Plan is about three things: positive outcomes for everyone in Perth and Kinross; prioritising preventive approaches; and  tackling stubborn inequalities where they exist.

Individuals and families across both our urban and rural communities are affected by inequalities in income, health and employment opportunities. Our large geography, with a relatively low and widely dispersed population, makes inequalities sometimes difficult to identify and address. Inequalities are not just experienced by geographic communities; they apply to communities of interest and at individual household or family level. It is the inter-connected nature of inequalities that make them so difficult to address, requiring complex support to be applied by partners.

The 2017 Fairness Commission is our compass for tackling inequality, with a set of key recommendations from the independent Commissioners, which Community Planning partners will now take forward. Its recommendations are reflected in this Plan and our five Local Action Plans. These have been developed by our Local Action Partnerships (Highland and Strathtay, Eastern Perthshire, Perth City, Strathearn and Strathallan and Kinross-shire, Almond and Earn). They are the building blocks of this Community Plan / Local Outcomes Improvement Plan. Together, we will make Perth and Kinross a confident, ambitious and fairer place for everyone.

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