Eastern Perthshire Story of Place



Eastern Perthshire consists of Carse of Gowrie Ward, Strathmore Ward and Blairgowrie and the Glens Ward – a geographical area of approximately 967km2. The locality includes Perth & Kinross’ largest town, Blairgowrie & Rattray; other settlements include: Alyth, Kirkmichael, Coupar Angus, Kettins, Meigle, Balbeggie, Burrelton, Guildtown, Scone, Errol, Longforgan, Invergowrie, Inchture, and St Madoes, among others.

The locality has an estimated population of 35,548, which grew by 10% between 2001 and 2011, and is projected to increase by another 9% over the next 10 years, and a further 19% over the following 20 years[1]. The locality is the second most sparsely populated locality within Perth and Kinross, with 2.7 people per km2, much of the locality is rural. Due to the location, residents access Dundee as well as Perth for employment and services.

Agriculture is important in the local economy. The prominence of berry farming in particular means that the locality traditionally has a seasonal increase in population in the summer months. Eastern Perthshire also attracts many visitors throughout the year. There are numerous golf courses, fishing beats, walking routes and historical monuments. In the winter, snow sports take priority as visitors access Glenshee, which is the largest ski resort in the UK.

Carse of Gowrie runs from Friarton Bridge on the edge of Perth, to Invergowrie, on the edge of Dundee. Villages lie on both sides of the A90: St Madoes & Glencarse (pop. 1,181), Errol (pop. 1,311), Inchture (pop. 1,155), Longforgan (pop. 937), Invergowrie (pop. 1,793), Rait, Abernyte, and Kinnaird.  Blairgowrie and the Glens forms the northern part of the locality, running from Blairgowrie and Rattray (pop. 8,954) in the south of the ward, to Spittal of Glenshee in the north. Strathmore runs from Scone (pop. 4,886), on the eastern edge of Perth City, through Coupar Angus (pop 2,262) to Alyth (pop 2,403)in the north-east.

Map of Eastern Perthshire. OS
Map of Eastern Perthshire. OS



There are many active and committed community groups in Eastern Perthshire. These include:

  • 11 Community Councils (Errol, West Carse, Inchture, Coupar Angus & Bendochy, Kettins, Burrelton & District, Scone & District, Blairgowrie & Rattray, and Mount Blair).
  • Development trusts and other community-led local development organisations (e.g. Forward Coupar Angus, Ericht Trust, St Madoes Development Group, Alyth Community Development Trust, Scone Village Association, Carse of Gowrie Sustainability Group, Mount Blair Community Development Trust)
  • A number of groups and networks supporting young people (e.g. Strathmore Centre for Youth Development, Alyth Youth Partnership and Coupar Angus Youth Activity Group)
  • Community greenspace initiatives such as Loon Braes Parknership in Blairgowrie, and Bloom groups such as the award-winning Coupar Angus Pride of Place.

Discover Blairgowrie is a community website which aims to promote Blairgowrie & Rattray as a tourist destination, and a hub for local news and events. The site lists all the main community groups in Blairgowrie & Rattray.

 There is a well-established Time Banks in Blairgowrie/ Rattray supported by Perth and Kinross Association of Voluntary Services (PKAVS), which enables local people to exchange their skills voluntarily to help others in the community; ‘bank’ their time given as time credits, and then draw on the Time Bank for support from others in return.


Population Profile

National Records for Scotland
Source: National Records of Scotland, Mid 2013 Population


Eastern Perthshire37,15518.6%18.8%40.0%22.5%
Kinross-shire, Almond & Earn24,56122.5%15.8%42.7%19.0%
Highland & Strathtay18,62419.0%17.6%41.2%22.2%
Perth City46,83419.8%26.2%36.4%17.5%
Strathearn & Strathallan21,70619.0%17.2%40.5%23.3%
Perth and Kinross148,88019.7%20.2%39.6%20.5%

Table: Population of Perth and Kinross’ Localities by age group (2013)

Eastern Perthshire is one of the fastest growing areas in Scotland in terms of population. From 2001-2011, the population increased 9%, which is similar to the rest of Perth and Kinross. The locality has fewer 0-19 year olds and more people aged 65 and over compared to other localities within Perth & Kinross. The proportion of 20-64 year olds in the area is similar to the rest of Perth and Kinross. There is an ageing population in Eastern Perthshire, which will put a greater demand on social care services in future years, and an increased demand for social groups aimed at retired people within the region.

In 2011, 98.5% of residents in Eastern Perthshire were white. This is one percentage point higher than the rest of Perth and Kinross, and 3% higher than the rest of Scotland. While the majority of these people were born in Scotland and other parts of Britain (82.9%), 11.5% were white Polish or other white (mostly from 2001 accession EU countries). Most members of the Polish and other Eastern European community living in the locality have moved to the UK within the last 10 years. This has led to a shift in the make-up of the community in the past decade or so.


Children, Families and Young People

Early Years

Support for families is one of the great assets of the locality. There are many services and community groups in Eastern Perthshire aimed at supporting children and families.

Parenting support is offered through the Supporting Parents and Children Early (SPACE) groups, Infant Massage, Weaning and Small Talk Treasure Pouches, and the delivery of the 14 week Incredible Years programme supporting parents of 3-year-old children to promote positive behaviours in their child. Bookbug sessions, featuring songs, rhymes and stories for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers, are held in Alyth library, Blairgowrie library, Coupar Angus library and at the No 5 project in Rattray. Humpty Dumpty Early Years Care (Blairgowrie and Alyth) is a registered charity offering an early years care service for children from the age of two to when they start school. 1st Steps Dance Class (Blairgowrie) is a dance and movement class aimed at children 6 months to 3 years and 3-5 years. Rattray Rugrats is a community-run group for parents and pre-school children in Community Connect at Rattray, as is the Live Active run ‘Stay and Play’ in the same venue.


Child Poverty and Inequalities

Percentage of children in poverty by WardBefore Housing CostsAfter Housing Costs
Perth and Kinross11.27%18.23%
Carse of Gowrie8.74%14.20%
Blairgowrie and Glens13.46%21.53%

The proportion of children living in poverty is similar to that of the rest of Perth and Kinross in Eastern Perthshire. Children in the Carse are less likely to experience poverty compared to the rest of Perth and Kinross. The Strathmore and Blairgowrie and Glenn Wards have a higher proportion of children living in poverty after housing costs are considered compared to Perth and Kinross as a whole. It is worth noting that within each ward in Eastern Perthshire there are small pockets where the proportion of children living in households experiencing poverty is high.


Young People

Coupar Angus Youth Activities Group (CAYAG) delivers a range of term time and holiday activities for young people in Coupar Angus in primary 6 to sixth year.

 The Social Work operated Number 5 Project in Davie Park, Rattray provides a place to engage with children, young people, their parents and carers. Its aim is to promote social inclusion and to offer vulnerable families support in a community setting which is accessible and acceptable to local people.

The Young Carers’ Project is aimed at children who care for someone they live with, usually a parent or sibling. Caring responsibilities often affect children emotionally, socially and educationally.

There is an Air Training Corps and Army Cadet Force, as well as Scouts, Guides, and opportunities to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme.


Education and Life Long Learning

Primary Schools

In the locality there are 18 primary schools. These are:


Secondary School

Blairgowrie High School is the only secondary school located in the locality; however, parts of the locality are in the catchment areas for Perth Academy and Perth High School. Young people may also attend St John’s Academy. Some secondary students living in the Carse of Gowrie attend schools in Dundee.

Education Data

Education Scotland collect data on attainment and attendance  and publish results on their Partentzone. It is important to remember that that all schools are unique, and operate in different circumstances and with different pupil groups.  Schools should therefore not be compared directly against each other. Education Scotland create virtual comparators which take into consideration the social context of the pupils attending each school.


Adult Learning

Community-based adult learning supports the development of employability skills. Community – based literacies and computing support is available on a weekly basis in Blairgowrie Library, Rattray Community Connect and other parts of Eastern Perthshire. Social inclusion is promoted through parents’ groups in Rattray and Alyth, enabling learners to progress to accredited learning e.g. Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network, Food Hygiene Certificates, First Aid, etc.

IT support is delivered weekly by a Community Learning Assistant. Groups are provided at beginner level based on community need. Perth College offers learners the opportunity to go on and achieve qualifications in IT Skills. IT skills are critical for people to access employment opportunities in the modern market. IT skills are also increasingly important to allow people to access information and connect with people.

The Carse Association for Continuing Education is a ‘not for profit’ organisation which aims to improve the social environment in the Carse. It organises 3 terms of classes each year. There is also Adult Learning classes run through the Blairgowrie Adult Education Association and the Coupar Angus Adult Education Association.

Community members who are not native English speakers are supported to improve their language skills through group support delivered twice weekly by a literacies worker and volunteers. Language barriers make it difficult for people to access services, and prevent people from playing a full part in the community in which they live.

Adult Literacies are delivered in Rattray, Blairgowrie and Coupar Angus on a 1:1 basis. Literacy support is offered to Adults with Learning Disabilities in a group setting on a weekly basis.


Employment and Economy

There is a higher proportion of self-employed people in Eastern Perthshire than in Scotland as a whole. This can be attributed in part to the reliance of the local economy on agriculture, energy, and construction. In terms of working locations, residents of the Carse of Gowrie tend to commute to work in Perth City or Dundee, while people living in Blairgowrie, Alyth and Coupar Angus are more likely to work in Eastern Perthshire.

The land made available for business in the region has increased in recent years, and there has been a 2% rise in the number of business sites in the area around Blairgowrie.

The proportion of households facing income deprivation in Eastern Perthshire is slightly lower than Perth and Kinross, at 7.9% compared to 9%. Within the locality, there are significant differences in income. Income deprivation levels are as low as 2% in some areas and as high as 25% of people in other areas. There are also significant inequalities in the rate of employment deprivation, ranging from 2% to 26% depending which part of the locality you are in. The median household income in the Blairgowrie area is £25,584, which is lower than other parts of Perth & Kinross. The median income in the Greater Perth area which includes Carse and Scone is significantly higher.

Housing Market AreaMedian IncomeLower Quartile Income
Strathmore and Glens (Eastern)£25,584£13,947
Greater Perth£27,986£14,911
Perth & Kinross Summary£27,695£14,823
Median Income in Perth and Kinross, by Locality (YEAR)

Eastern Perthshire has a lower level of people claiming out of work benefits than Scotland as a whole, although slightly higher than other rural areas in Perth & Kinross (7.3%). Many people rely on seasonal or short term job opportunities, due to the nature of the local economy. This type of employment has its challenges.

Industry type

The agricultural industry is a major employer in the region. Eastern Perthshire agriculture covers an almost complete cross section of Scotland’s agricultural potential. This ranges from extensive hill farming in the north to highly intensive arable production in Strathmore. There is a considerable concentration of protected soft fruit cropping around Meigle, Coupar Angus and Blairgowrie which represents the extreme of this intensive agriculture. This type of production is highly sensitive to market and quality considerations, and is reliant on seasonal labour, with workers coming from other parts of Europe to work in the area. The Carse of Gowrie is home to the Scottish Crop Research Institute, Mackies Crisps, and some of largest soft fruit growers in Scotland.

One area of change in agriculture has been the increasing focus on and involvement in conservation and agri-environment schemes, and this trend is likely to continue, influenced by support changes and associated legislation. Recent changes have allowed tenant farmers to diversify, particularly in relation to tourist activity, which has had a positive impact on the region. Concerns have been expressed that, following the UK’s decision to leave to European Community, there may be a difficulty finding seasonal workers.

The area also has strong wholesale, retail and manufacturing sectors. These industries tend to offer relatively low paid jobs. A lower proportion of people are employed in finance, public administration and health.


Community-based enterprise support

Growbiz is a community-based organisation in Eastern and Highland Perthshire, whose aim is to provide support to anyone wishing to start or develop a business or social enterprise.  Growbiz particularly want to help more women to get into business, particularly those who suffer from additional challenges such as health issues, disabilities or unemployment. As such, 70% of their patrons are women. Growbiz has now been in operation for more than 10 years.


Social Enterprises

There are a number of social enterprises in the area, including:

  • Home Straight Limited (Alyth), which helps older people live in their own home as long as possible through adaptations.
  • Mount Blair Community Development Trust (Blairgowrie), which works on a range of community projects, e.g. Community Bulk Oil Purchase.
  • Wisecraft (Blairgowrie service) is a PKVAS social enterprise, which provides mental wellbeing service to adults recovering from mental illness.
  • Community TreeCycle CIC work around the sustainable management of local woodlands and use of wood products. The company incorporates the Scottish Woodland Skills Centre (in Bamff near Alyth), which runs skills and training courses and events.
  • Wild Sparks (Alyth) provides outdoor play experiences, through activity clubs (at the Scottish Woodland Skills Centre) for children and with partners and schools.


Housing and Infrastructure

The Carse of Gowrie and Scone fall under the greater Perth housing market area, while the other settlements in Eastern Perthshire fall into the Strathmore area. The median house price in Strathmore and Glens is the lowest for any rural area of Perth & Kinross. Although the data suggests house prices in the greater Perth area are the lowest, it should be noted that this is a large region which includes deprived areas in Perth City. House prices in the Carse and Scone are generally higher than the Perth & Kinross average.

Housing Market AreaMedian House PriceLower Quartile House Price
Strathmore and Glens (Eastern)£152,500£96,500
Greater Perth£145,000£102,500
Perth & Kinross£152,050£106,000
Median and Lower Quintile House Prices in Perth and Kinross, by Locality (YEAR)


You can find out about making a Planning Application here and look up Planning applications that have been submitted here.

You can read all about future land use and the Local Development Plan process here.

Independent Planning advice can be obtained from PAS.

Fuel Poverty

22.1% households are impacted by fuel poverty in the Strathmore area, which is slightly lower than the Perth & Kinross rate. In the more rural areas of Eastern Perthshire, where there is little or no access to mains gas supply, energy costs are higher. This impacts many households in the locality. Fuel poverty rates are most prominent in older and privately rented houses.



Broadband provision is essential for the kind of high quality digital participation which can improve people’s quality of life, grow the economy and allow for more effective delivery of public services. A number of households in the smaller villages do not currently have access to broadband, while some villages have slower broadband compared to other parts of Scotland. However, improvements are being made in accessibility and there has been great progress in this area in recent years.




From Blairgowrie, during daytime hours, there are buses every 30 minutes to Perth which, depending on the service, travel through Coupar Angus and Burrelton (57) or through Guildtown (58). Also from Blairgowrie, there are buses every hour to Dundee which travel through Alyth and Meigle (57) or to Dundee via Coupar Angus (59). Both of these journeys take approximately 1 hour.

To the Glens area North of Blairgowrie, there are school buses which run on a daily basis. Out with term time buses operate twice weekly.

The majority of buses operating in the area can be accessed by individuals who are disabled or have mobility restrictions, and individuals travelling with prams.

Bus fares from Blairgowrie  Single Return
Dundee £3.60 £6.85
Perth £3.40 £6.85

The Freedom Coach provides an affordable, door-to-door, wheelchair accessible transport service in Eastern Perthshire. There is a weekly shopping trip to the supermarket in Blairgowrie and a monthly shopping trip to a supermarket in Perth. The Freedom Coach also provides transport for those who have difficulty using the mainstream bus service and assists them in attending social or respite activities.

There are also community buses available through Perth and Kinross for bona fide community groups and sports groups.

Recently a community transport scheme has got underway in Blairgowrie and Rattray supporting adults to access activities and services in the local community.


Health and Wellbeing

Health outcomes in the locality are mostly more positive than in Scotland, and similar to that of the rest of Perth & Kinross. There are, however, inequalities in health outcomes within Eastern Perthshire.

Mortality in people aged 15-44 in Eastern Perthshire are higher than any locality outwith Perth City. However, it should be noted that there has been a decline in recent years.

As part of the preparation for Health & Social Care Integration the NHS and Council carried out ‘join the conversation’. Social Isolation has been identified as a key issue in the locality through the consultation in 2015. Loneliness is a concern for many of the retired people who took part in the consultation in the locality, as it was for older working aged people who are unemployed, as well as adults with mental health issues.

Respondents were generally happy with the number and variety of support services on offer in the locality. There was a feeling that these services could deliver even more positive outcomes by working more closely with one another. Respondents felt that health and social care staff in particular could be working more closely together to allow people to receive treatment and recover in their own community. The integration of health and social care will play a key role in implementing this strategy.

Some respondents experienced challenges in travelling to access services. Transport to hospitals and GP practices were thought to be particularly difficult for some people, particularly people in the more remote towns.

The suicide rate in the Blairgowrie East and Rattray area is statistically higher than in Scotland as a whole. There are a number of services and campaigns in the area aimed at supporting vulnerable people, with a wide approach which acknowledges the importance of both mental health and living conditions in tackling suicide rates.


Medical Facilities and Wellbeing Services

Eastern Perthshire is served by Perth Royal Infirmary in Perth City, and Ninewells Hospital in Dundee. There are 7 GP surgeries in the locality: 2 in Blairgowrie, 2 in Coupar Angus, and 1 each in Alyth, Scone, and Invergowrie.

Blairgowrie Cottage Hospital is a centre for some community and therapeutic services, and provides 22 beds for inpatients. The hospital is the base for Strathmore Dementia Services, and is a National Dementia Demonstrator Site. Strathmore Dementia Services aim to improve service provision for people living with dementia, and their families.

The Young People’s Health Team works with young people aged 12-25 years old, from Perth & Kinross. The team connects with young people through agency or self-referral. The team reaches out to young people through their communities to offer one-to-one support, heath promoting group work sessions and drop-ins.

The Wellbeing Support Service offers flexible support and activities, which can change and develop over time, depending on what clients would benefit from most.

Wisecraft is located in Blairgowrie, and is a sister agency of The Walled Garden in Perth City. Wisecraft offers structured activities for people with a wide variety of mental health issues. The programme offers arts, craft and joinery workshops, as well as fun exercise classes such as Zumba. Wisecraft also is involved in a number of outdoor activities


Community Safety


 The Crime rate in Eastern Perthshire is significantly lower than the rest of Scotland. Police recorded 16.9 incidences of crime per 1,000 population in 2014. The crime rate has fallen in recent years from 26.9 incidences per 1,000 population in 2004.


Fire Services

There are five Community Fire Stations in the Locality in Alyth, Blairgowrie, Coupar Angus, Kirkmichael and Fingand (which serves the Glenshee area).  Scottish Fire and Rescue Service work in partnership with public services and communities to prepare for adverse weather conditions that can impact the towns and rural areas of the locality. The Fire Service has a wider role in identifying vulnerable people living in Eastern Perthshire and working with partners to put support measures in place.

Community Watch

Community Watch is part of the Neighbourhood Watch Scotland network and aims to improve communication between the local community, police and other Community Safety Partnership agencies working in the area. Residents sign up to receive alerts by e-mail, text message or voice message. These alerts make residents aware of crime trends or specific problems in their local area.  There are Community Watch schemes in Carse of Gowrie, Strathmore, Blairgowrie and the Glens.


Community Facilities

Opened in June 2014, Community Connect @ Rattray is a purpose-built community facility attached to Rattray Primary School. It offers community members access to a range of services and organisations. Those utilising the building include Humpty Dumpty Playgroup, NHS Baby Screening, PKC Education and Children’s Services, and a number of community and voluntary organisations.

Attached to the newly rebuilt local primary school, is the newly redeveloped Alyth Community Wing which has for many years offered a venue for local services and community groups, including Alyth Youth Partnership, Community Learning and Development, local art groups and parent groups.

 The award-winning Carse of Gowrie and District Men’s Shed provides activities for men in the Carse to learn and pass on new skills, and gives men an opportunity to socialise.

Strathmore Centre for Youth Development (SCYD) runs a number of programmes in the area aimed at improving outcomes for young people across the area.



Parks, football pitches and Countryside Sites

Community Greenspace manage 141 parks across Perth and Kinross. Larghan Park in Coupar Angus is one of the 8 top destination parks and has seen community groups come together to help the park cater for all abilities. The park contains a skate-park, a football pitch and a community-operated multi sport court suitable for 5-a-side football and tennis.a cricket oval and a privately-operated multi-sport court suitable for 5-a-side football and tennis. Some parts of the park are managed to encourage biodiversity.

Davie Park in Rattray is supported by the Loon Braes Parknership which involves many local groups and which has worked hard to see the upgrade of the pavilion in the Park. The Park has play areas, hard surfaces and grass pitches and is known locally for its biodiversity.

Contact Community Greenspace to book an event any of the parks they manage, over 350 events were held in our parks during the last year and many groups make use of our green spaces weekly for activities such as walking, running and cycling. Community Greenspace also manage a large number of countryside sites such as the Den of Alyth, Loon Braes and the Inner Tay Estuary Local Nature Reserve, and a number of path networks, as well as managing some 200 miles of Rights of Way, sports pitches , fishing permits and the North Inch Golf Course. The Forest Plan covers all woodland sites owned by the Council throughout Perth & Kinross, explaining the nature of the woodland areas and the suggested priorities and intentions for their future management. Community Greenspace also are involved in the design of the town centres and often use the Placecheck method of engagement to ensure the communities are involved in the process.

The Community Greenspace team actively engaging with communities, working with volunteers and generating support, interest and activity in Perth and Kinross’s greenspaces. You can follow their blog to find out more.

Allotments and Community Gardens

Support is given to the establishment of Community run allotments. Coupar Angus Community garden has some great opportunities for people to get involved in gardening. Alyth has four small allotment plots run by PKC’s Housing & Community Care Service and Ericht Allotment Association is forming in Blairgowrie and is now developing land for an allotment site. Rattray Community Connect also has a garden being managed by local residents, young people from SCYD and PKC staff. Alyth Youth Partnership also operates an allotment in the local community with youth work staff working with young people and volunteers. 


Bereavement Services  are also park of Community Greenspace and are responsible for the crematorium in Perth and manage 150 burial grounds.


Carse of Gowrie Group – Historic Orchards Forum celebrates the 800 year history of orchards in the Carse. The Group has a number of community based projects from orchard restorations to community apple pressing events.


The Blairgowrie Golf Club hosted the Junior Ryder Cup in 2014, which gave the area an economic boost and has a lasting legacy: the Blairgowrie Golf Academy was established soon after the competition.

There is a Community Sports Hub in Eastern Perthshire, bringing together local sports clubs and helping to raise awareness of sporting opportunities. There are many local football teams for amateurs and juniors throughout the area.  There are also a number of local bowling clubs.  Some other local sports groups include:

Alyth Golf Club Blairgowrie Rugby Club
Blairgowrie Dolphins Swim Club Burrelton Tennis Club
Blair Bolts Netball Club Carse Canoe Club
Blairgowrie & Coupar Angus Shotokan Karate Coupar Angus Cycling Hub
Blairgowrie and Rattray Community Sports Club Meigle Cricket Club
Blairgowrie Former High School Pupils Hockey Club Rattray Tennis Club
Blairgowrie Golf Club Temple Martial Arts (Combat Sports)
Blairgowrie New Tennis Club Wellmeadow Amateur Boxing Club

There are a number of outdoor activity groups in the region, including the Blairgowrie and District Hillwalking Club, which organises walks for all ages and abilities. There are various dance classes in the area including Scottish Country Dancing.

Live Active Leisure

Perth and Kinross is home to many famous sporting attractions. Our great outdoors makes Perth and Kinross a great place to cycle, run, canoe, golf and take part in many other outdoor activities.

Live Active Leisure offers a range of sport and leisure opportunities across Perth and Kinross. It operates 16 leisure venues throughout Perth and Kinross and works with partners to provide a range of community based activity opportunities for all ages, particularly children and young people.

There are hundreds of Community lead Sports clubs in Perth and Kinross. Live Active Leisure supports many of these groups through BOOST its Sports Development programme.

SCHOOL SPORT – Perth and Kinross has a network of Active Schools Co-ordinators who work together with schools, parents and communities to offer children and young people the opportunities and motivation to adopt active, healthy lifestyles, now and into adulthood.

Looking for ADVENTURE in our great outdoors LAL have a dedicated team with the aim of creating opportunities, developing resources, removing barriers and supporting growth, participation and learning for all outdoor learners in Perth and Kinross.

Being physically active is good for physical and mental health. WELLBEING programmes such as Stride for Life and Activity Referral in place to support the inactive to get active in communities across Perth and Kinross supported by the Wellbeing Team.



In the UK parliament, Eastern Perthshire is covered by the Perth & North Perthshire Constituency represented by Pete Wishart (SNP) for Westminster. For Holyrood, Eastern Perthshire falls into the Perthshire North consistency represented by John Swinney (SNP).  Perth & Kinross is in the Mid Scotland and Fife Region electing 7 MSPs:

  • Mark Ruskell (Green)
  • Alex Rowley (Labour)
  • Claire Brennan-Baker (Labour)
  • Dean Lockhart (Conservative)
  • Alexander Stewart (Conservative)
  • Murdo Fraser (Conservative)
  • Liz Smith (Conservative).

Locally, residents are represented at Perth and Kinross Council by:

There are 11 Active Community Councils in the locality Community Councils


Deprivation and Inequalities

SIMD QuintileEastern PerthshireKinross-shire, Almond & EarnHighland & StrathtayPerth CityStrathearn & StrathallanScotland

Figure 6:  Percentage of SIMD Deciles by Action Partnership Area 

Overall Eastern Perthshire enjoys better life comparison to the rest of Scotland when using the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation tool.

The locality does, however, contain two datazones (in Rattray) which are classed as being in the 20% most deprived datazones in Scotland on the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD).

Six datazones, or 12% of the datazones, in Eastern Perthshire, are classed as being in the 40% most deprived areas in Scotland; no other rural area in Perth and Kinross has areas classed as being deprived. One contributing factor as to why part of Rattray is deprived is because of the large scale social rented housing in parts of the town whilst in other rural areas the social rented housing is more spread out.

Most of the datazones (60%) in the locality are in the 40% least deprived areas in Scotland. However, it should be noted that the scale of the data areas used for the SIMD can mask smaller pockets of deprivation. Such pockets do exist in the rural areas of Eastern Perthshire.


[1] Base calculations on uniform growth across Perth & Kinross using GRO-Scotland principle projections 2012.

[2] Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework.





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