Eastern Perthshire: Housing and Transport


The Carse of Gowrie and Scone fall under the greater Perth housing market area, while the other settlements in Eastern Perthshire fall into the Strathmore area. The median house price in Strathmore and Glens is the lowest for any rural area of Perth & Kinross. Although the data suggests house prices in the greater Perth area are the lowest, it should be noted that this is a large region which includes deprived areas in Perth City. House prices in the Carse and Scone are generally higher than the Perth & Kinross average.

You can find out about making a Planning Application here and look up Planning applications that have been submitted here.

You can read all about future land use and the Local Development Plan process here.

Independent Planning advice can be obtained from PAS.

Fuel Poverty

22.1% households are impacted by fuel poverty in the Strathmore area, which is slightly lower than the Perth & Kinross rate. In the more rural areas of Eastern Perthshire, where there is little or no access to mains gas supply, energy costs are higher. This impacts many households in the locality. Fuel poverty rates are most prominent in older and privately rented houses.



Broadband provision is essential for the kind of high quality digital participation which can improve people’s quality of life, grow the economy and allow for more effective delivery of public services. A number of households in the smaller villages do not currently have access to broadband, while some villages have slower broadband compared to other parts of Scotland. However, improvements are being made in accessibility and there has been great progress in this area in recent years.




From Blairgowrie, during daytime hours, there are buses every 30 minutes to Perth which, depending on the service, travel through Coupar Angus and Burrelton (57) or through Guildtown (58). Also from Blairgowrie, there are buses every hour to Dundee which travel through Alyth and Meigle (57) or to Dundee via Coupar Angus (59). Both of these journeys take approximately 1 hour.

To the Glens area North of Blairgowrie, there are school buses which run on a daily basis. Out with term time buses operate twice weekly.

The majority of buses operating in the area can be accessed by individuals who are disabled or have mobility restrictions, and individuals travelling with prams.

Bus fares from Blairgowrie  Single Return
Dundee £3.60 £6.85
Perth £3.40 £6.85

The Freedom Coach provides an affordable, door-to-door, wheelchair accessible transport service in Eastern Perthshire. There is a weekly shopping trip to the supermarket in Blairgowrie and a monthly shopping trip to a supermarket in Perth. The Freedom Coach also provides transport for those who have difficulty using the mainstream bus service and assists them in attending social or respite activities.

There are also community buses available through Perth and Kinross for bona fide community groups and sports groups.

Recently a community transport scheme has got underway in Blairgowrie and Rattray supporting adults to access activities and services in the local community.

Better Connected: Services, Transport and Digital Lives

The Fairness Commission for Perth and Kinross identified the following issues around being connected:

Services: The people the commissioners spoke to repeatedly mentioned having to explain their situation several times to several different people. They also mentioned not knowing what services are on offer or what choices they have. The bureaucracy associated with getting help was identified as a barrier.  The language services are provided in is also a significant factor in people’s willingness to seek them.

Transport: For the 2/3 of people living outside of Perth City, transport was highlighted as a significant issue. This was amplified in situations where people did not have access to a car or had a disability. The commission heard that some communities were coming up with their own innovative transport solutions.

Digital Lives: The availability of more services and information online, whilst helpful for some, creates an additional barrier for those who do not have the require skills or access to technology. In many rural parts of P&K, broadband is unavailable and mobile coverage is poor. There is a real risk that those who could benefit most from being connected are being left behind.