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Eastern Perthshire is one of the fastest growing areas in Scotland in terms of population. From 2001-2011, the population increased 9%, which is similar to the rest of Perth and Kinross. The locality has fewer 0-19 year olds and more people aged 65 and over compared to other localities within Perth & Kinross. The proportion of 20-64 year olds in the area is similar to the rest of Perth and Kinross. There is an ageing population in Eastern Perthshire, which will put a greater demand on social care services in future years, and an increased demand for social groups aimed at retired people within the region.


In 2011, 98.5% of residents in Eastern Perthshire were white. This is one percentage point higher than the rest of Perth and Kinross, and 3% higher than the rest of Scotland. While the majority of these people were born in Scotland and other parts of Britain (82.9%), 11.5% were white Polish or other white (mostly from 2001 accession EU countries). Most members of the Polish and other Eastern European community living in the locality have moved to the UK within the last 10 years. This has led to a shift in the make-up of the community in the past decade or so.

Population of Places

Carse of Gowrie runs from Friarton Bridge on the edge of Perth, to Invergowrie, on the edge of Dundee. Villages lie on both sides of the A90: St Madoes & Glencarse (pop. 1,181), Errol (pop. 1,311), Inchture (pop. 1,155), Longforgan (pop. 937), Invergowrie (pop. 1,793), Rait, Abernyte, and Kinnaird.  Blairgowrie and the Glens forms the northern part of the locality, running from Blairgowrie and Rattray (pop. 8,954) in the south of the ward, to Spittal of Glenshee in the north. Strathmore runs from Scone (pop. 4,886), on the eastern edge of Perth City, through Coupar Angus (pop 2,262) to Alyth (pop 2,403)in the north-east.

Eastern Perthshire37,15518.6%18.8%40.0%22.5%
Kinross-shire, Almond & Earn24,56122.5%15.8%42.7%19.0%
Highland & Strathtay18,62419.0%17.6%41.2%22.2%
Perth City46,83419.8%26.2%36.4%17.5%
Strathearn & Strathallan21,70619.0%17.2%40.5%23.3%
Perth and Kinross148,88019.7%20.2%39.6%20.5%

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