Perth City, Environment and Public Space

Parks, Sports Pitches & Countryside Sites

Community Greenspace manage 141 parks across Perth and Kinross. The South Inch and  North Inch are two of the 8 top destination parks. Over 350 events were held in our parks during the last year and many groups make use of our green spaces weekly for activities such as walking, running and cycling. Community Greenspace  manage a large number of countryside sites such as include Kinnoull Hill Woodland Park and St Magdalene’s Hill and Buckie Braes and a number of path networks, Kinnoull Hill and Quarrymill are popular walks to the edge of the city. Community Greenspace manage some 200 miles of Rights of Way, sports pitches and fishing permits .  Community Greenspace also are involved in the design of the town centres and often use the Placecheck method of engagement to ensure the communities are involved in the process.

There are a number of volunteering opportunities in Perth and the wider region for people who want to help to improve the greenspace of the city and surrounding countryside. The Community Greenspace team actively engaging with communities, working with volunteers and generating support, interest and activity in Perth and Kinross’s greenspaces. You can follow their blog to find out more.

Community Greenspace manage the North Inch Golf Course in Perth.


Perth & Kinross Countryside Trust

Perth & Kinross Countryside Trust (PKCT) is a registered environmental charity, supported by Perth & Kinross Council, which provides, improves and promotes access to the countryside for walkers, cyclists, horse riders and canoeists.

Allotments and Community gardens

Support is also given to the establishment of Community run allotmentsThere is a community garden in Glengarry Road which is maintained by the local community. On Moncreiffe Island there are allotments and a Golf Course on the River Tay which are accessed via the Railway Bridge and a ford that vehicles can cross at low tide.There are several community gardens in the City including the Muirton community Garden and the community garden in Glengarry Road, which was cleared and renovated by unpaid work  from the Criminal Justice team and is now cared for by community members.

  • South Perth Community Garden has 64 raised beds and 8mini plots. The project is overseen by South Perth Community Partnership.
  • Muirton Community Garden is a small area with 7 raised beds and residents are growing local produce.
  • North Perth Allotment Association (Tulloch)
  • Kingswell Terrace (Letham)
  • Kinloch Terrace (Letham)
  • Moncreiffe Island Allotments
  • Perth – Dupplin Trust
  • Perth – PLUS Perth
  • Perth – The Walled Garden

River Tay

The City is located by the River Tay, the largest river in the UK in terms of volume of water. Parts of Perth were heavily damaged by flooding in 1993, since which a £25 million flood defence scheme has been introduced. Completed in 2001, the flood defences were tested in late 2015 and early 2016,  which consequently resulted in minimal damage to properties.

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