Perth City Population

Perth City has a population of 46,834 people (NRS 2013). The city has a density of 270 people per km², and is the only urban area in Perth and Kinross. The rest of the authority is classified as rural. The proportion of children and young people in Perth City is similar to that in the whole of Perth and Kinross, at 19.8%. The city has a greater proportion of young adults (people aged between 20-34) compared to other areas in the authority. The number of people aged 65 and over is lower than any other locality in Perth and Kinross (17.5%). However, the ageing population is set to increase in the coming years in line with the majority of Scotland. The city and region have a rapidly growing population,  with an expected 23.9% population increase between 2008 and 2033, compared to a 7% anticipated increase in Scotland as a whole, which creates both new challenges and new opportunities for the city.

Perth City is the most ethnically diverse locality in Perth and Kinross, however white people make up 96.7% of the population. The city has a higher proportion of white Scots than any other region of Perth and Kinross but fewer other white British. Polish people make up 3% of the city’s population, which is almost twice as high a proportion than in the authority as a whole (1.7%). Asians make up 2.2% of the population, a greater proportion than in any other area in Perth and Kinross. 0.4% of the city’s inhabitants identify as being from a gypsy or traveller heritage, there is a permanent travellers site in Double Dykes Roads. Only 0.1% of dwellings in Perth City are caravans.

Eastern Perthshire37,15518.6%18.8%40.0%22.5%
Kinross-shire, Almond & Earn24,56122.5%15.8%42.7%19.0%
Highland & Strathtay18,62419.0%17.6%41.2%22.2%
Perth City46,83419.8%26.2%36.4%17.5%
Strathearn & Strathallan21,70619.0%17.2%40.5%23.3%
Perth and Kinross148,88019.7%20.2%39.6%20.5%