Perth and Kinross: Equalities

In Perth and Kinross we actively promote equality and diversity and we are committed to equality of opportunity as public service providers and as employers. We have made important improvements in providing equality of access to key services, such as early years and family support. We value the diversity of the communities in our area and continue to work towards providing services that are inclusive and accessible. We work closely with our partners on a number of initiatives to support our diverse communities to integrate and feel fully included.

Initiatives include our multi-cultural events, community lunch clubs, and the Show Racism the Red Card initiative, to deliver anti-racism educational workshops to our schools. By working in partnership to promote equality we believe that we will make better use of all available public and community resources. We recognise our responsibility for promoting equality through the nine protected characteristics (age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, marriage/civil partnership, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation). We also recognise that we must go beyond the protected characteristics and consider issues such as health, income, gender identity, employment status and housing circumstances and how they can impact on people’s life chances.

Ethnicity- equality characteristics

Perth has an ongoing programme of events including: Diwali, Eid, Chinese New Year, Chinese Autumn Mooncake Festival Polish St. Nicholas Day, Wellbeing Mela (co-ordinated by Gypsy/Traveller community) which every community can take part in.

Population Ethnicity- Census 2011

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All people 146,652 100%
White: Total 143,676 98.0%
White: Scottish 119,916 81.8%
White: Other British 16,597 11.3%
White: Irish 1,136 0.8%
White: Gypsy/Traveller4150.3%
White: Polish 2,482 1.7%
White: Other White 3,130 2.1%
Mixed or multiple ethnic groups4710.3%
Asian, Asian Scottish or Asian British: Total 1,852 1.3%
Asian, Asian Scottish or Asian British: Pakistani, Pakistani Scottish or Pakistani British3310.2%
Asian, Asian Scottish or Asian British: Indian, Indian Scottish or Indian British5850.4%
Asian, Asian Scottish or Asian British: Bangladeshi, Bangladeshi Scottish or Bangladeshi British730.0%
Asian, Asian Scottish or Asian British: Chinese, Chinese Scottish or Chinese British4610.3%
Asian, Asian Scottish or Asian British: Other Asian4020.3%
African: Total2320.2%
African: African, African Scottish or African British2280.2%
African: Other African40.0%
Caribbean or Black: Total1510.1%
Caribbean or Black: Caribbean, Caribbean Scottish or Caribbean British960.1%
Caribbean or Black: Black, Black Scottish or Black British430.0%
Caribbean or Black: Other Caribbean or Black120.0%
Other ethnic groups: Total2700.2%
Other ethnic groups: Arab, Arab Scottish or Arab British1930.1%
Other ethnic groups: Other ethnic group770.1%

Population Country of Birth- Census 2011

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All people 146,652 100%
Europe: Total 142,303 97.0%
Europe: United Kingdom: Total 136,425 93.0%
Europe: Republic of Ireland5760.4%
Europe: Other Europe: Total 5,232 3.6%
Europe: Other Europe: EU Countries: Total 4,936 3.4%
Europe: Other Europe: EU Countries: Member countries in March 2001 1,631 1.1%
Europe: Other Europe: EU Countries: Accession countries April 2001 to March 2011 3,305 2.3%
Europe: Other Europe: Non EU countries2960.2%
Africa: Total 1,077 0.7%
Africa: North Africa1290.1%
Africa: Central and Western Africa1140.1%
Africa: South and Eastern Africa8340.6%
Middle East and Asia: Total 1,975 1.3%
Middle East and Asia: Middle East2550.2%
Middle East and Asia: Eastern Asia4230.3%
Middle East and Asia: Southern Asia8130.6%
Middle East and Asia: South-East Asia4800.3%
Middle East and Asia: Central Asia40.0%
The Americas and the Caribbean: Total7870.5%
The Americas and the Caribbean: North America5640.4%
The Americas and the Caribbean: Central America210.0%
The Americas and the Caribbean: South America1200.1%
The Americas and the Caribbean: The Caribbean820.1%
Antarctica and Oceania5100.3%

Local organisations

PKAVS- Minority Communities Hub

The Minority Hub supports individuals and organisations, to give tailored support and advice to minority populations across Perth and Kinross.

PKAVS Minority Communities Hub run a variety of Support Groups, all created in response to the needs of particular ethnic minority groups and the requests and interests of the people they  serve.  PKAVS Minority Communities Hub works with over 25 organisations locally, including NHS Tayside, Perth & Kinross Council, Citizen’s Advice Bureau and other charities to ensure the people they help are adequately supported. We also offer Cultural Awareness Training for your and your staff – this can be tailored to suit your needs and helps to make sure your organisation is equipped to deal with clients and customers from ethnic minority backgrounds.


Employment by disabilities

In Perth and Kinross the employment rate for people with disabilities is lower than the general population, however compared with Scotland as a whole more people in Perth and Kinross with disabilities are in employment.

Perth’s newly refurbished Canal Street multi-storey car park officially reopened in  2017. The refurbishment has seen Canal Street fitted with wider spaces and wider approaches to the up and down ramps, and introduced pay on exit parking. It also boasts improved disabled parking and better lighting. In addition ShopMobility now have improved facilities.


Local Organisations

LGBT Community

Our work continues across the equality protected characteristics continues, and a specific example saw the first ever Perthshire Pride event held for members of our local Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) communities. The event was hosted as part of the wider ActiviTAY event on the North Inch in July where information, advice and fund activities were made available for LGBT community members, family and friends.

Several teaching staff have undergone the “Train the Trainer” programme through the Education Champions Programme and cascaded training. Teachers and Youth services staff attended Stonewall training on Homophobic, Biphobic and Transphobic Bullying in May 2016.

Local Organisations

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