Kinross-shire, Almond and Earn- Education and learning

Primary Schools

There are 13 Primary Schools. These are:

Among the Gypsy/Traveller population, there is a culture of enrolling children in primary school but not in secondary school. Together with frequent changes of school if families move on, this impacts on levels of literacy and qualifications within this population.


Secondary Schools

Pupils attending primary schools in Kinross-shire tend continue their education at Kinross High School, based at Loch Leven Community Campus. Pupils in Almond and Earn mostly attend Perth High School

School data is held by Education Scotland. As each School in Scotland is unique, you are not able to compare schools with each other. Education Scotland have developed virtual comparators which uses data from other schools and predicts how we expect a school to preform given the profile of the catchment area (e.g. deprivaton, number of pupils with additional support needs).

 Posative Leaver Desination Literacy and Numeracy level 4         
Kinross High School97959294
Perth Academy95938384
Perth High School96968992
St John RC Academy93898580