Kinross-shire, Almond and Earn Health and wellbeing

Health Facilities

Kinross town is served by Loch Leven Health Centre, a purpose built facility opened in 2009. The Health Centre incorporates two practices, St. Serf’s Medical Practice, which has seven GPs, and Orwell Practice, with two GPs.

There is also a clinical team in the area which includes Practice Nurses, District Nurses, Midwives, Health Visitors, Physiotherapists, Speech Therapists and a Podiatrist.

There are no local hospitals; for this reason residents are more likely to see their GPs than report to Accident and Emergency. For routine appointments, patients are most likely to be referred to Perth Royal Infirmary or Victoria Hospital in Fife.

Health Data

Health Indicator (per 100,000 population)Year(s)Perth and KinrossScotlandKinross-shire, Almond and Earn
Early deaths from CHD (Coronary Heart Disease)(<75 years of age)
Early Deaths from Cancer 2012-14123.2154.7115.4
Alcohol relates Hospital stays2012/15401.5671.7208.7
Deaths from Alcohol Conditions 2010-201419.623.19.9
Drug related hospital stays 2012/13-2014/1580.612252.4
Patients registered with cancer2011-13574.9634579.3
Patients hospitalised with COPD2011-13466660
Emergency Admissions 2011-13680075006637.4
Population prescribed drugs for anxiety/depression/psychosis (Percentage)
Kinross-shire, Almond and Earn enjoys some of the best health outcomes in Scotland. The rate for premature mortality in adults (number of deaths for 14-44 year olds per 100,000) is 73.7 compared to 100.5 in Scotland from 2012-14.

Heart disease and cancers for adults under 75 is also lower compared to the rest of Scotland. Rates of adults being prescribed drugs for anxiety, depression or psychosis in the locality is 13.3% which is lower than Scotland as a whole where 17.4% of the adult population have prescriptions for these mental health conditions. Even though the rates of people receiving prescriptions is lower in the locality there has been an increased in recent years both locally and nationally. The increase in prescriptions for mental health conditions is partly a result of better awareness of mental health conditions by GPs and communities.

There are significantly lower rates of drug and alcohol abuse in the locality compared with both Perth and Kinross as a whole with fewer deaths and hospital admissions relating to drug or alcohol abuse.

Health and Social Care

In 2015, as part of the work to integrate health and social care services, ‘join the conversation’ was launched to engage with communities on how to improve the provision of health and social care services. Respondents felt that:

Better communication and co-operation between carers and hospital and GP staff would be highly beneficial; this is in keeping with the responses received throughout Perth and Kinross.
It would be beneficial to make it easier for members of the public to access information on the services available to them.
Transport to hospitals is an issue for many people, as the nearest hospitals are in Perth and Fife. There is a Kinross Volunteer Group & Rural Outreach Scheme which provides transport for residents, especially older residents, to and from appointments.
A common theme in the responses was that many people strongly valued social groups; however some felt it was difficult for them to set up their own groups.