Perth City Education

Primary Schools

There are 14 Primary Schools in the City. These are:

Secondary School

There are 4 Secondary Schools in Perth. Their catchment areas extend to parts of the surrounding areas. These are:

To meet the growing population of our city and region a new secondary school will be built to the north of the City. Bertha Park will be Scotland’s first new secondary school built in over 20 years.

The table shows the percentage of school leavers who entered a positive destination alongside the virtual comparator. Positive destinations categories are: higher education, further education, training, voluntary work, employment and activity agreements. This information on the leaver destinations of publicly funded school pupils is based on information collected in October of each year and is provided by Education Scotland. In addition the Numeracy and literacy One of the core aims of the Curriculum for Excellence is to improve the numeracy and literacy skills of our young people. The graphs show the percentage of school leavers who attained literacy and/or numeracy at  SCQF level 4 or better, and SCQF level 5 or better. They show the attainment of school leavers from this school alongside its virtual comparator.

 Posative Leaver Desination Literacy and Numeracy level 4         
Perth Academy95938384
Perth Grammar97948484
Perth High School96968992
St John RC Academy93898580

Adult Learning and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Perth City has a higher rate of people who do not speak English well (1.7%) or not at all (0.3%) than Scotland as a whole.

Perth is home to the Learning Curve which supports people who have lower levels of literacies. Adult Literacies in Scotland 2020 research suggests that as many as 23% of adults have low levels of literacies in Scotland, which can lead to isolation; reduce capacity to engage in wider society, employment and further learning; or to support their own families with their learning. There is a stigma attached to low levels of literacies which can reduce the confidence of those it affects and create a barrier to seeking help with literacies and other issues. Literacies play a key role in employability issues as well as creating a barrier to successful integration in many parts of the community.

In the Learning Curve, literacies, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), and learning opportunities are available Tuesday to Saturday to anyone over the age of 16. In 2015/16, the Learning Curve counted nearly 3,500 visits from service users.

Adult literacies and language provision are provided in other community settings across the city. The aim of these groups is to reach out to those people most excluded from communities, offer positive experiences, support people to rebuild their confidence and in some cases return to the learning or a workplace.

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