Perth and Kinross- Health and Wellbeing

Key Facts

  • In Perth and Kinross, 23% of people are aged 65+ compared to 18% across Scotland.
  • In our area 64% of people aged 65+ rated their health as good or very good (2011 Census)
  • 11,500 people (8%) are limited by long-term health problem or disability.
  • Across Perth and Kinross, approximately 11,000 people aged 65+ live alone.
  • 1 in 7 Perth and Kinross households comprises one person aged 65+
  • Although reducing, we have a high number of people remaining in hospital when they are ready to be discharged
  • 36% of people aged 65+ had volunteered within the last year (2015 Scottish Household Survey).
  • 65% of people aged 65+ had participated in sport and exercise in the last four weeks (2015 Scottish Household Survey),
  • Nearly 600 people a week take part in targeted Wellbeing programmes operated by Live Active Leisure.
  • There are over 13,000 carers in Perth and Kinross (2011 Census), a quarter of whom are aged 65+.
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Child dental health in primary 1
(Percentage with C letter)
Child dental health in primary 7
(Percentage with C letter)
Children in low income families (%)8.31013.610.716.3
Developmental concerns at 27-30 months (%)16.719.120.218.818.3
Early deaths from CHD (<75)
Age-sex standardised rate per 100,000
Healthy birth weight (%)80.481.181.881.283.4
Maternal obesity (%)20.819.6
Patients (65+) with multiple emergency hospitalisations4069.438774819.44253.95422.3
Patients with emergency hospitalisations (Age-sex standardised rate per 100,000)6357.16255.87597.56703.77601
People living in 15% most 'access deprived' areas (%)39.648.16.231.215
Population income deprived (%)67.3118.112.2
Road traffic accident casualties Age-sex (standardised rate per 100,000)57.56448.956.359.9
Single adult dwellings (5%)
Working age population employment deprived (%)5.16.410.17.310.6
Young people living in the most income deprived quintile (%)03.2156.321.5
Alcohol-related hospital stays
(Age-sex standardised rate per 100,000)