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Perth and Kinross, at the last 2016 mid-year population estimate, had a population of 150,680 residents, up from an estimation of 148,930 the in 2014. A third of the population live in Perth City while 2/3rds live in the rural towns of villages of Perthshire and Kinross-shire. Find out more on the National Records for Scotland Profile of Perth and Kinross


By 2026 we are projected to have 157,500 people living in Perth and Kinross or a 4.3% increase from our 2016 population, while Scotland as a whole will grow by 2.7% in the same period, making Perth and Kinross one of the fastest growing local authority areas in Scotland. (NRS 2017).  The population pyramid below show our current and projected population. In the future we will see a dramatic increase of people aged 75 and over while a reduction in the number of people who are of working aged.


Urban and rural

We cover an area of 5,286 km² with a population or 28 people per km². We are the fifth largest local authority area in Scotland. The City of Perth is our largest settlement and is home to a third of our population. 13% of people live in ‘remote rural’ areas (Scottish Government 2014), this is the most rural classification used by Scottish Government. 9.8% of people live in ‘accessible small towns’,  11.1% of people live in remote small towns and 32.6% live in accessible rural areas. Transport and access to services is a key issue for many people given the rural nature of Perth and Kinross.

 Large Urban AreasOther Urban AreasAccessible Small TownsRemote Small TownsAccessible RuralRemote Rural
Perth and Kinross1.2%31.9%9.8%11.1%32.6%13.4%
Scotland 34.5%35.1%9.3%3.4%11.7%6.1%

Age Structure
The Population of Perth and Kinross is slightly older than that of the rest of Scotland. The median age for females is 45 and 43 for males, the median age for both males and females is 3 years older than the rest of Scotland. The median age varies from place to place with Perth City having the youngest median age for females at 41 years of age with rural areas tending to have older populations such as Blairgowrie where the median female is 49 years of age (Census 2011).

Those aged 75+ are projected to almost double over the next 15 years, from 14,406 to 27,250, those aged 85+ are projected to more than double from 4,027, to 10,651 by 2037 (NRS 2014).

Ethnicity and Country of Birth

98.0% of people in Perth and Kinross are white, while 1.3% (1,852) have an asian ethnicity and 0.3% are black. Perth City has the highest levels of diversity in terms of ethnicity.  1.7% of our population are Polish and 2.4% are white but have a ethnic background from outside of the UK, Ireland and Poland.

The majority of people in Perth and Kinross where born in the UK (93%). 79.5% where born in Scotland, 12.6% in England. 3.4% of people where born outside of the UK but in the EU, while 3.2% of people were born outside of the UK.

 Perth and Kinross (%)Perth and Kinross
All people100%146,6525,295,403
Scotland79.3% 116,295 83.3%
England12.6% 18,478 8.7%
Northern Ireland0.7% 1,027 0.7%
Republic of Ireland0.4%5870.4%
Other EU countries (inc UK part not specified)3.4% 4,986 2.6%
Other countries3.2% 4,693 4%

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