Perth and Kinross- Education

Key Facts

  • Attainment at Perth and Kinross schools continues to build on already high levels of performance.
  • At First, Second and third levels of Curriculum for Excellence there are long term improvements in pupils making very good progress across the key areas of reading, writing, mathematics and numeracy and listening/talking.
  • Our young people achieve high standards in National Examinations and achievement measures.
  • School attainment amongst looked after young people is lower than the wider pupil population.
  • A higher number of pupils are identified as having Additional Support Needs when compared to the Scottish average.
  • The numbers of 16-19 year olds in employment, education or training was 93.1% in 2017, which is higher than the Scottish average.
  • Youth Services and Secondary Schools offer the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme to young people. The uptake of this is amongst the highest in Scotland.
  • On average people living in Perth and Kinross hold more qualifications than the average person in Scotland.
  • In 2016/17 the Adult Literacy Partnership delivered 2,846 literacies sessions in English for Speakers of Other Languages.
  • Digital learning and connectivity are particularly important for us because of the large geography and areas of low population density in Perth and Kinross.

Early Years

We have 47 nursery classes, one stand-alone nursery and 37 partner provider centres.

Primary Education

Perth and Kinross is home to 67 Primary Schools and 4 all-through schools

Secondary Education

Perth and Kinross currently has 6 Secondary Schools with 4 all through schools, to meet the demands of a growing population a new secondary school will be opened, Bertha Park  in August 2019.

Below is a table of leaver destinations and school attainment. Each school has a virtual comparator to show how the school is expected to perform based on results. The comparator takes into account factors such as deprivation so schools performance can be analysed.

 Posative Leaver Destination Literacy and Numeracy level 4         
Result (%)Comparator (%)Result (%)Comparator (%)
Blairgowrie High School94939093
Crieff High School8489
Kinross High School97959294
Perth Academy95938384
Perth Grammar97948484
Perth High School96968992
Breadalbane Academy95958992
Community School of Auchterarder88957993
Pitlochry High SchoolNANANANA
St John RC Academy93898580