Perth City Housing and Transport


There were 21,704 Households in 2011, 37.1% of households have only one person living in them which is higher than Perth and Kinross where 32.2% of households are home to only one person. 57% of homes are owner occupied while 65.9% of households in Perth and Kinross as a whole.  The median house price in the City and surrounding area is £145,00 which is lower than other areas in Perth and Kinross, however the house prices vary depending on the area of the city.  The cost of rental housing is an issue for many people in the city, especially young people. This is one factor in the high number of young people remaining in their parents’ homes for longer, a phenomenon which can be seen throughout Scotland and the UK.

A number of buildings in the town centre are in need of repair. This is challenging, because buildings in the city centre generally have multiple owners and co-ordination is required to undertake repair work.

Fuel poverty is not considered to be a significant issue in Perth compared to the more rural parts of Perth and Kinross, partly because most houses have access to the mains gas network.


Perth is located in the heart of Scotland, and has strong road networks to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, Inverness and Dundee. Broxden Roundabout at the edge of the city is the only roundabout in Scotland which has signs to every city in Scotland. Perth Railway station has direct links to all Scottish cities, creating a number of opportunities. Many of the main communities in Perthshire rely heavily on bus services or private transport to get into the city.


The Perth City Plan identifies a number of sites for development. Key planned developments include large residential areas to the West and North West, which will create new opportunities and challenges for the city. These new housing developments will require new services to be developed.

Currently, Perth and Kinross Council is in the process of building a new secondary school in Bertha Park, which will be the first new secondary school to be built in Scotland in many years. This will help support our growing population of children and young people.

You can find out about making a Planning Application here and look up Planning applications that have been submitted here.

You can read all about future land use and the Local Development Plan process here.

Independent Planning advice can be obtained from PAS

Services: The people the commissioners spoke to repeatedly mentioned having to explain their situation several times to several different people. They also mentioned not knowing what services are on offer or what choices they have. The bureaucracy associated with getting help was identified as a barrier.  The language services are provided in is also a significant factor in people’s willingness to seek them.

Better Connected: Services, Transport and Digital Lives

The availability of more services and information online, whilst helpful for some, creates an additional barrier for those who do not have the require skills or access to technology.