South Perthshire & Kinross-shire: Health

The South Perthshire and Kinross-shire locality takes in Almond & Earn, Kinross-shire and Strathearn and Strathallan Action Partnerships areas.


St Margaret’s Community Hospital

Crieff Community Hospital

People in the locality also use Perth Royal Infirmary, Ninewells Hospital, Hospitals in Fife and

GP Practices

St Margaret’s Health Centre

Crieff Medical Centre

Comrie Medical Centre

Loch Leven Health Centre

The Surgery Bridge of Earn

Key Health Stats  

 South PerthshireNorth PerthshirePerth CityPerth & KinrossScotland
Child dental health in primary 1
(Percentage with C letter)
Child dental health in primary 7
(Percentage with C letter)
Children in low income families (%)8.31013.610.716.3
Developmental concerns at 27-30 months (%)16.719.120.218.818.3
Early deaths from CHD (<75)
Age-sex standardised rate per 100,000
Healthy birth weight (%)80.481.181.881.283.4
Maternal obesity (%)20.819.6
Patients (65+) with multiple emergency hospitalisations4069.438774819.44253.95422.3
Patients with emergency hospitalisations (Age-sex standardised rate per 100,000)6357.16255.87597.56703.77601
People living in 15% most 'access deprived' areas (%)39.648.16.231.215
Population income deprived (%)67.3118.112.2
Road traffic accident casualties Age-sex (standardised rate per 100,000)57.56448.956.359.9
Single adult dwellings (5%)
Working age population employment deprived (%)5.16.410.17.310.6
Young people living in the most income deprived quintile (%)03.2156.321.5
Alcohol-related hospital stays
(Age-sex standardised rate per 100,000)



Social Prescribing is a new way for people to improve their wellbeing. The project aims to:

  • Learn a new skill or try out a new activity
  • Improve your mental and/or physical health
  • Take up opportunities to meet new people
  • Receive social support from others and give some too
  • Increase your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Have opportunities to express yourself
  • Become more involved with your local community

Social prescribing can be accessed through your health centre or you can arrange to have a chat with one of the Social Prescribing Team.  Email  Tel: 01738 474455


A Thriving Third Age

Currently 11,000 people aged 65 and over live alone in P&K, and this is expected to increase in coming years. There are significant health inequalities between individuals in this age range, with those in affluent areas living significantly longer. Work being undertaken by communities to support older people also tends to be concentrated in these affluent areas. Social isolation was also found to be a significant issue.

A growing number of older people are also becoming unpaid carers for spouses and other loved ones, and commissioners found these people need more support and recognition. Commissioners heard of the stigma associated with care homes, which in some cases prevent people making this choice.

In contrast to these challenges, many people are living longer than ever and requiring little to no support until much later in life. These people are a great asset to the communities of P&K, and want to feel valued and be able to continue to contribute to their communities.

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