Perth City – Community

South Perth Community Partnership

South Perth Community Partnership provides support for groups and individuals in the South Perth area of Moncreiffe, Friarton, Craigie and South Inch to identify issues of concern, find local solutions and encourage more involvement within the local community. The partnership members include local residents, PKC officers, local councillors and representatives from community groups and organisations working in the area.

 The Partnership carried out a community consultation in 2014. Over 1,000 households were given the opportunity to give their views through a questionnaire with a 1/3 response rate. 20 focus groups were also consulted and a Community Futures day was held with over 350 local people who attended given the opportunity to prioritise actions for the area.

5 key themes were identified and operational subgroups set up through the partnership to address the issues identified under the headings:

  • Community and Recreational Activities
  • Environment and Heritage
  • Traffic and Parking
  • Access to Services and Community Safety
  • Local Economy

Community Councils

There are 7 Community Council areas in the City, although 4 are currently established. Community Councils can play an important role in giving voices to communities.   North Muirton has a Community Action Plan which includes many improvements in public realm and spaces as well as actions around using community centres for more groups for older people to prevent loneliness.

Action Partnership

Each locality has a Local Action Partnership, which is a group of local community members, Perth and Kinross Councillors and representatives of key public and voluntary sector services. Each Local Action Partnership has an Action Plan, highlighting what it would like to achieve in order to tackle inequality and improve the quality of lives of local residents. More information on Local Action Partnerships, including how to get involved is available here.