Strathearn and Strathallan- Community


Crieff (population 7,368) is the largest town in the locality. The town is popular with tourists, and offers attractions such as the Caithness glass factory, Innerpeffray Library and Glenturret Distillery. A Crieff Community Action Plan 2013-18 has been developed collaboratively by the Crieff Community Council, Crieff Community Trust and the Crieff and Upper Strathearn Partnership. The Action Plan is intended to provide cohesive strategy and co-ordination for existing community groups, to increase their effectiveness through working in partnership. The town is home to Strathearn Artspace on Comrie Road, Artspace is a community based Arts and leisure project and is a registered charity, aiming to progress Arts education and appreciation within the community of Strathearn.

Auchterarder (population 4,206) is the second largest town in the locality, and is located next to the Gleneagles Hotel and Golf Course. During the G8 Summit the town received money to redevelop their town hall (Aytoun). Friends of Aytoun Hall manage the hall which is used by numerous community groups. There is an Auchterarder and District Community Trust which received funding from a nearby windfarm development, the trusts funds many local projects in the Community Council area of Auchterarder. The town also has a Common Good fund.

Comrie (population 1,927) is a conservation village, and has previously won the Best Large Village Award from Britain in Bloom. The community is very active with 50 community groups. The Comrie Development Trust plays an active role in developing the village including buying the Cultybraggan ex-army camp in 2007 to develop business space and other community assets. The White Church in the centre of the town is now a locally owned community centre. The town has bought a mini-bus which operates its own public transport to various places nearby. The town has a community market garden which grows many fruits and vegetables.

Dunning is also a conservation village, and is home to a population of 942 people. The village has a caravan park and is popular with tourists.

Blackford (population 754) sits to the West of Auchterarder. The village is known for its bottled water industry. The town has a trust fund managed by the Scottish Community Foundation which helps administers local grants through a committee of local representatives.

The village of Braco has an active community. The community run Braco Hall which host a number of groups for locals. The village has a trust fund that administers grants from windfarm money.

Muthill (675 pop) lies 3 miles away from Crieff, the community are currently building a cycle/walking path to Crieff so people have an alternative way to get into the town for school and accessing services.

There are many other small villages throughout the locality which are remote and people need to travel long distances to access key services.


 Strathearn and Strathallan Area Community Partnership consists of community groups, third sector organisations and key public services in the Strathearn area. Their Partnership Priorities plan seeks to identify local needs and target gaps in provision- areas of focus are:

Increasing health and wellbeing: supporting people in the area to lead physically, socially, emotionally and mentally healthy lives. Seeking to increase good health and wellbeing across Strathearn and Strathallan.

  1. Increase Health and Wellbeing: People in our area will lead physically, socially, emotionally and mentally healthy lives. There will be an increase in good health and wellbeing across Strathearn and Strathallan.
  2. Equalities and Inclusion: the Partnership aims to promote and increase equality and inclusion in the locality.
  3. Linking Services and groups: the Partnership aims to increase knowledge and awareness within services regarding the local community about groups, activities and events and the benefits available.
  4. Positive engagement within our communities: the Partnership promotes and will aim to increase community engagement. They also support community groups and individuals to better engage and work together effectively.

Below the Partnership there is an Auchterarder Network which focuses on Auchterarder. One issue the Partnership is addressing is social isolation, the group worked with a local church to run a weekly café for people of all ages to get together.

Third Sector and Voluntary organisations 

There are 64 charities registered in Strathearn and Strathallan as well as 9 social enterprises registered in the Perth & Kinross Social Enterprise Directory

There are a wide variety of Community and voluntary groups in the area providing young people’s activities, adult sports, social and interest groups.